Thank you for giving the gift of goats!


Christine Gilbert and her husband are raising seven children in the rural village of Williamson, Haiti. They earn a living by selling vegetables and juice in the local market. Christine and her husband believe that each of their children are a blessing from the Lord, but having a large family can make life more difficult when you live poverty.


Knowing that education is key to breaking the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in Haiti, school has been a high priority for their family. Unfortunately there are no public schools in their village and they must pay to send their children to school. “The kids’ tuition has been very difficult for us to pay,” Christine says.


But now, thanks to the gift of goats, Christine and her husband will be able to support their children’s education. Two goats will soon become four goats. Four goats will soon become eight. You get the picture! Each new goat that is born can be sold in the market to pay school tuition for their children.


“This is a tremendous blessing for our family,” says Christine. All of the children smile in agreement, and they definitely have their mother’s smile!

Thank you for blessing a family in Haiti.

Every dollar you give is deeply appreciated by the communities in which we serve. Mési!

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