Ten World Wide Village sponsored students continue in university despite the tremendous struggles in Haiti. These bright minds are studying engineering, nursing, administrative sciences and more.


Today, less than 8% of students in Haiti will earn a university degree. Student sponsorship is breaking down barriers for students in rural areas of Haiti to attend classes and be given the opportunity to succeed. Our university students receive assistance with tuition, supplies and books, laptops, transportation fees, and more. It is a large investment but so important for the future of Haiti.


This month, meet our second and third year students!



Ysmarc Saintvil grew up in the mountains above Williamson. His father is a pastor and operates a small primary school there. Because there were no secondary schools in his village, Ysmarc moved to Williamson to attend high school.


Ysmarc graduated from Williamson High School in 2022. Since then he has been attending UNISSA University studying administrative science so he can work to improve and expand the small school in his village. During the week he works with his father at the school in the mountains. On the weekends he travels into Saint-Marc to take college classes.



Wilson Salvain grew up with his mom, dad, and five siblings in Williamson, Haiti and graduated in 2021. His family was forced to flee their home last fall but they have persevered. Wilson has even been able to continue his computer science training at ESPAM – a trade school in Cabaret, Haiti – close to where his family resettled.


As more and more technology moves to Haiti, computer training is becoming an important skill. Wilson’s training and knowledge will set him up well for future employment.



Edens Fleurival was also forced to flee his home in Williamson last fall. His family has struggled off and on with poverty for many years, so this was an especially difficult season for this tight-knit family. Thanks to Edens’ amazing sponsors, his family was provided with rent-assistance, emergency food packs and more.


Right now, Edens is in his third year of civil engineering training at UNISSA University in Saint-Marc and we are excited to see what God has for his future!



Stephania Salvain and Clara Bazil both graduated in 2022. Stephania comes from a large family that works hard to put food on the table, but does not earn enough to pay university tuition. Clara lost her father nearly six years ago and her family has struggled with poverty since then.


Both Stephania and Clara have been blessed to be a part of the sponsorship program and are continuing their studies in the nursing program at ESPAM in Cabaret, Haiti.



Evilson Meronvil – pronounced “Eh-veel-son” – is in his second year of college as a pre-med student. He spent his first year at Jubilee Institution but the university shut down as the directors left Haiti to move out of the country. “Brain drain” is a term for the emigration of highly trained people from a particular country and has become a definite barrier for higher education in Haiti.


Evilson relocated to Saint-Marc, Haiti to continue his degree at UNASMOH University. Thanks to his wonderful sponsors, Evilson received rent-assistance, tuition payments, a laptop, and even a new sewing machine as he sews clothes in his spare time to earn a living. We are excited to see how God will use Evilson in the future!



A special thanks to our university sponsors for making this possible!