With your help, World Wide Village continues to invest in Haitian-owned and operated businesses that are making an impact in Haiti. We especially love supporting The Arris Company, a new business that is using recycled products to create backpacks for students.


Two young entrepreneurs in Haiti started a business creating bags and backpacks out of discarded plastic water bags!


Haitians with little access to clean water often purchase drinking water in small plastic bags. These plastic bags end up in the trash, until now!  The Arris Company takes pride in protecting the environment while creating useful products like backpacks. They have also started recycling glass for light fixtures and more. 


Thanks to you, students most in need in the WWV schools are receiving backpacks and fewer plastic bags are ending up in the trash!

When asked about their dream for the future, these young entrepreneurs said, “we dream of a cleaner environment and a country where everyone has the opportunity to work for companies like ours – companies that aim to provide solutions to the major problems facing the world.”


You can read more about James Desrosiers, Obed Arris and their business here: https://renewourworld.net/2019/05/interview-from-trash-to-treasure/

Would you like to provide a backpack for a child in Haiti?  $15 purchases one backpack from The Arris Company and you can donate HERE!