There are so many barriers to learning in Haiti. Poverty, hunger and lack of educational resources can cause children to struggle. Students who are exposed to violence (like that from gangs) are also more at risk of under-achieving and dropping out of school.


Thanks to our extraordinary sponsors, students in the WWV Sponsorship Program now have access to free tutoring! Our goal for these tutoring sessions is to help students be as successful in school as possible, overcoming the many obstacles to learning.


While it is not uncommon for a student in Haiti to repeat a grade level, we want our students to have every opportunity for extra help and support.  We wish for each student to get the most out of their learning as possible!


Meet two of the young students who are being supported through tutoring:


My name is Adassa Jean Simon. My favorite subject is reading. My teachers say I am happy and kind.


The hardest subject for me to learn is math.


When I grow up, I would like to be a doctor.  I am in 3rd grade at Armee du Salut School.

My name is Kevin Joseph. I really like learning French. My teachers say I am funny and active.


The most difficult subject for me is subtraction.


When I grow up, I would like to be an engineer.  I am in 2nd grade at the Good Samaritan School.

A special thanks to our long-time sponsors who increased their giving to $38 per month earlier this year. Your additional generosity has helped provide funds for tutoring our students!


If you’re a long-time sponsor and are willing to increase your giving to $38 per month, please reach out to Kim Anderson at Mési anpil!