While life in Haiti continues to be a struggle, it can be easy to feel discouraged. One day the roads are safe, the next day they’re overtaken by gangs. Sometimes fuel is available, while other times the pumps are empty. Banks can be open and operating one week, and the next they’re closed due to rioting. Somedays the obstacles seem overwhelming.


Yet sometimes just a simple reminder can help us take a step back when we can’t see the forest for the trees. It can show us how God is working in the midst of these struggles. Looking at how far we’ve come can reveal to us God’s everlasting love for the people of Haiti. 6-year-old Mickenson Saint-Fleur is just one reminder of God’s love this Valentine’s Day. 




Mickenson is a typical 6-year-old boy. He loves playing soccer and riding bikes. He enjoys his traditional lunch of rice and beans and loves pineapple for a treat. He helps around the house making the beds and sweeping the floors. Yet his birth and first year of life were far from typical.


Six years ago, Mickenson’s mother went into labor. With no medical center in town and no money for transportation, she had nowhere to turn. She heard there was a medical mission team from World Wide Village visiting Haiti. They were touring the school the day she went into labor.


To make a long story short, little Mickenson was born on the concrete floor of a classroom. He was brought into this world surrounded by a small medical mission team and Haitian women from the local church who prayed and sang over him.


When Mickenson’s mother gave birth, she was homeless. Extended family tensions had caused a rift between she and her husband. She felt helpless and alone.


Thankfully, God was already working in little Mickenson’s life because of His everlasting love.

Thanks to your support, World Wide Village rented a home for Mickenson and his mother. The local church supported her and her new baby. Mickenson’s father eventually returned and a beautiful love story ensued. After hearing the gospel, coming to Christ and feeling God’s call to be wed, Mickenson’s parents got married! God was showing up in their lives through World Wide Village and the local church in amazing ways.


Today, Mickenson is sponsored and attending school. He is in first grade and learning to read. He receives nutritious school lunches and has access to medical care. While life is not always easy, his parents continue to follow the Lord.


There is also a Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program in Mickenson’s community. Babies no longer need to be born on the floor of a classroom because there is help available for anyone in need.


(Pictured: Mickenson’s class at the Williamson School)


Even though the country of Haiti continues to be in turmoil, good things are happening, thanks to you!  Together, we can continue to persevere in providing education, healthcare, community enrichment and spiritual development for the people of rural Haiti.