We have hit the ground running in 2021!  Our new midwife, Magdala, and her assistant have been doing an excellent job laying the groundwork for the new maternal health program over the last two weeks: 


  • Meeting with MSPP (Haiti’s health department) to obtain necessary certificates for the new program.
  • Meeting with community leaders and pastors to spread the word about the new program and to learn more about the community’s needs. 
  • Visiting nearby hospital to start a relationship for referrals of high-risk cases.
  • Taking inventory, ordering supplies and equipment, and getting the space ready for expectant mothers.


They also made it a priority to meet with local matwons. Matwons are not midwives or skilled birth attendants, but are Haiti’s traditional birth attendants who attend many home births, especially in the rural areas. World Wide Village will be offering training to local matwons in the near future, so close working relationships are key.

A special thanks to everyone who donated last month to make this dream a reality. We know that the Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program will bless so many women and babies in 2021. Thank you!

We also invite you to meet our new midwife at:



Pictured: A meeting with local matwons



School has started back up again after the holiday break and our preschool students in Luly will soon be able to enjoy a lot more space! As more and more children are sponsored in Williamson and Luly, our schools continue to grow and have even started to grow out of their spaces. This is definitely a good problem!

A new classroom building is nearly completed for the preschool students in Luly. It will allow the preschool students to have more space and the older students to have a more quiet learning environment.

Thank you to our amazing student sponsors for your continued support of education in Haiti. When you sponsor a child you provide help for today, hope for tomorrow, and faith for eternity!