We recently sat down and asked our World Wide Village Haitian staff to reflect on the last year. As we look forward to 2022 and what the future holds for World Wide Village, we are filled with anticipation. Thank you for alleviating poverty and sharing the love of Christ in Haiti year after year. We hope you know that YOU are changing lives!


Anel: Construction Manager

“This year was very, very difficult. Not just for the Haitian people, but people around the world. By the grace of God, God protects us and keeps us alive. On behalf of all of the WWV staff, I want to thank World Wide Village supporters. Although the year was very difficult, WWV supporters always thought about us.

We want to thank you. We pray this coming year will bring more hope, more joy. World Wide Village is our family. 

We pray for everyone who is a part of World Wide Village, the same that you pray for Haiti. There are not enough words to say thank you to God and thank you to World Wide Village.”

Magdala: WWV Midwife

“The best part of working at the medical center is helping people get life so they can give life. Our community is rural – in the countryside – and the people need a lot of education, especially in maternity.

One of the best things we can do [in 2022] is help provide education so they can give life and receive life.”

Reggie: Student Sponsorship Program

“I don’t know where to start. I can start by saying this year has been the saddest year so far. This year the prices have been the highest I’ve ever seen and there are a lot of people without work. For the year coming up, I hope we can reach out to more families and get more kids sponsored.

My favorite part of my job is when I’m interacting with the Haitian people and they are very happy and excited that I’m able to help them through you… through World Wide Village.

I love to see the smiles. It brings joy to me when I’m able to help someone in my community.”

Gessica: WWV Nurse

“This year the country was in really, really bad shape. But we have our health, and we thank God for that.

I pray next year that the medical center will expand and that we can get more programs going so we can help the community more.

I pray that God will protect everyone and that the country will get back to normal.”

Sylvanie: WWV Lunch Program

“The country now is upside down. I pray that God turns it right side up. Please continue to pray for Haiti because Haiti is upside down.”