Two months ago, the country of Haiti was completely shut down. Roadblocks across Haiti were preventing fuel, food and supplies from making their way to the rural areas where World Wide Village serves. Gangs were controlling large sections of the capital city and many were fleeing their homes in fear.

Since then, sanctions placed on corrupt politicians, gang leaders and others associated with the violence have cut off funding and crippled gang activity. Armored vehicles sent from the international community have assisted the Haitian National Police in retaking a critical fuel terminal. This has allowed hospitals and cell towers to operate. These are the reports coming from Haiti…


“The gangs are running out of bullets.”
“Traffic is moving. Things are alive.”
“We are hesitant but hopeful.”



EDUCATION: After being shut down for months due to the threat of gang violence, schools across Haiti officially opened last week. Students are back to learning!  Just seeing students out and about in their school uniforms again has brought fresh hope to many of the Haitian people. The country is beginning to move in the right direction and we are so very thankful for your continued support! Pictured: Luly School, Brazil School and Good Samaritan School


HEALTHCARE: The Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program at Sant Sante Espwa continues to provide excellent care to mothers and babies in Haiti. Already this month two healthy babies were born at the center! Along with maternal healthcare, our medical staff are providing wound care, an ongoing program for patients with high blood pressure and a vitamin program for children. They are also offering education on cholera, family planning and more. 


COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT: As life in Haiti has become more difficult, World Wide Village programs that offer new livelihoods have become increasingly important. Thanks to you, the gift of goats, small business grants and the sewing school are offering new livelihoods to many in need. Read the story of a father from Williamson who received the gift of goats.



The last 10 elected officials in Haiti left office after their terms expired on January 9th.  Haiti officially has no functioning parliament. The current prime minister – Ariel Henry – has never been ratified by law and many Haitians see him as an illegitimate leader.

While gang activity has lessened, there are still areas of Haiti that are very dangerous. One such area is along the main route into Port-au-Prince from Williamson and Luly.  While we are thankful for safety in our villages, being cut off from the capital city presents many difficulties. Food, medication, fuel, and other supplies that do make their way out to the rural villages (through bribes paid to gangs for safe passage) are very expensive. These extra costs are causing major hardships for families in the rural areas.

We pray that 2023 will bring elections and a functioning government in Haiti.




With all of these combined factors, malnutrition is rising at an alarming rate. Cholera has returned killing hundreds in Haiti. There is still fear as gang violence can erupt at any time. Theft and kidnappings are still common. The future is uncertain.



Yet God is still working in the midst of the struggles in Haiti. Several of the pastors in the World Wide Village pastors coalition recently shared stories of how they are seeing people come to Christ. We hope their stories inspire you to continue praying for the country of Haiti!