“Pray for peace, peace, peace,” said one of our Haitian staff members in Haiti last week. “Pray for unity and for a faithful leader for Haiti.”


If you’ve been following the news, you know that the country of Haiti is struggling. Last week, Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in his home. Since then, the interim Prime Minister of Haiti (Claude Joseph) has taken over and is calling for elections to take place in September as planned. Unfortunately, there are several other leaders in Haiti who are staking claim to the presidency, there is much uncertainty and the violence in the capital city of Port-au-Prince is making life very difficult – especially for conducting elections. 

Before the assassination of Moïse, violence had spiked in Port-au-Prince as rival groups battled over the streets in certain areas of the capital city. This violence had displaced thousands of Haitian living in the capital.


To make matters worse, several large warehouses holding more than $10 million worth of food had also been looted in Port-au-Prince. 

Our friends in Williamson and Luly are currently feeling the ripple effects of this chaos as supplies of food and gas are in high demand and prices are skyrocketing, making it difficult for families to provide for even their most basic needs.


In the midst of these struggles, we are asking you to join us in 30 Days of Prayer for Haiti.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we will daily post photos to remind you to pray for a particular group of people in Haiti. Also, as more and more physical needs arise in the rural villages where we serve, we are also asking you to consider donating to provide food and other necessities to families in rural Haiti. If you would like to donate for these immediate needs, please click the button below. Thank you for your faithfulness and care for the people of Haiti.




Even in the midst of difficulties in Haiti, you continue to bless those in need!  Bethina Cenat was the most recent recipient of a small business, thanks to your generosity. This new livelihood will help Bethina earn a living as she cares for her three young children. Bethina recently went through a WWV business training over Zoom with a group of business professionals from Iowa. Bethina feels confident that with the support of World Wide Village she can make her business a success!

Thank you for continuing to support World Wide Village as together we serve our Haitian friends in the rural areas of Williamson and  Luly. You’re the best!

Teams Update:


Summer Impact Teams are on hold while we monitor the situation in Haiti.

Please know that the safety of our Haitian staff and our American teams is paramount. Our prayer is that God will do a work in this country and return peace to the streets. We long for peace in Haiti and a chance to serve alongside our Haitian brothers and sisters once again.

We are hopeful that with your continued financial support, the work of our Haitian staff on the ground, and God’s hand directing it all, World Wide Village will continue to be a blessing in rural Haiti. Mési!



We are thankful to report there was little damage from Hurricane Elsa which was downgraded to a tropical storm as it approached Haiti. Left: A man secures the roof of his house in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.