As schools come to a close for summer, we have so much to celebrate from the last year!  With the delayed start to the school year due to gang violence and roadblocks, we didn’t know what the school year would hold. We thank God that He has been faithful to answer our prayers and has provided safety for our students and teachers. We hope you enjoy these photos from our partner-schools over the last year!


2022-2023 AT A GLANCE:

UNOFFICIAL START: The school year started with uncertainty as gangs wreaked havoc on the country, blocking roads and threatening schools. Students in Williamson and Luly began the year in street clothes instead of their traditional uniforms to not draw attention to themselves. We are thankful for the relative quiet our communities have experienced during these difficult times, allowing children to attend school.


OFFICIAL START: Schools were able to officially open to students all across Haiti in January. What a wonderful sight to see the students heading to school in their bright colored uniforms! Before the school day begins, students line up outside of their school by grade. They start the day by raising the flag, reciting the pledge of allegiance, singing a song and opening the school day in prayer. We love that our partner schools praise God and ask Him for guidance to start their day! Pictured: Armee du Salut in Luly and Brazil School in Williamson. 


LULY SCHOOL: The Luly School expanded its curriculum to include the first two grades of high school this year!  In Haiti, high school consists of grades 10-13 (called NS1, NS2, NS3 and NS4). Students graduate once they complete grade 13 (called Philo).


ARMEE DU SALUT: Armee du Salut also expanded their classes this year! In Haiti, children typically attend two years of preschool (Pre-A and Pre-B) plus one year of Kindergarten (Pre-C) before they move into 1st grade. Armee du Salut opened classes for students in preschool and Kindergarten this year, thanks to your support!


WILLIAMSON SCHOOL: Students at the Williamson School were all smiles sporting their bright gold P.E. shirts!

SCHOOL LUNCHES: Sponsorship also provides nutritious school lunches. Pictured: Students from Williamson School expressing their thanks for receiving their lunch of traditional rice and beans! 


GOOD SAMARITAN SCHOOL: This is the newest World Wide Village partner-school in Luly that continues to grow!  They were thankful that you provided new school benches as the seats were getting quite full. That’s a good problem as more and more children are attending school!


KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION: Last week the Good Samaritan School celebrated Kindergarten graduation, complete with caps and gowns. Traditionally in Haiti, this is the most celebrated graduation and is a joy to watch!


BRAZIL SCHOOL: This school is located in Williamson and is nicknamed the Brazil School because of the green and yellow uniforms that remind the students of the Brazilian flag.

VITAMIN PROGRAM: All preschool students in our partner schools received Vitamin A and Albendazole (a de-worming medication) distributed by our World Wide Village nurse and midwife. These vitamins – provided through a grant from Vitamin Angels – will help keep our youngest students healthy!



THANK YOU!  A special thanks to all of our sponsors for making this school year possible!  Your generosity has provided an education, school lunches, access to medical care, tutoring, vitamins and so much more for students in rural Haiti. We are beyond grateful!