Pictured: The Good Samaritan School


Students at the Good Samaritan School asked us to send you a big THANK YOU for the overwhelming support you have shown over the last several weeks!  Your generosity has enabled 35 children to attend school without worry about paying for tuition.  In addition, the sponsorship support will allow all 67 children at the school to receive hot meals each week.

Yvenel Pierre, the school director, is dedicated to helping the most economically vulnerable children in the neighborhood to receive a quality education.  He has attracted well-qualified teachers for Pre-K through Grade 2.  He has even funded part of the teachers’ pay from his own salary as a high school math teacher.

Yvenel desires to add Grades 3 and 4 for the upcoming school year.  Your sponsorship support has made that goal a closer reality. Thank you!

In the spirit of loving your neighbor as the Good Samaritan did in Jesus’ parable, the Good Samaritan School students hosted a feast at their school and invited other neighborhood children to join in the festivities.

Look at all of those fresh fruits and vegetables… many of them grown locally in Williamson & Luly!

We could thank you again and again, but we thought you’d rather see the faces of the students your generosity is impacting!