Living with uncertainty and fear continues to weigh heavily on the people of Haiti. In Williamson, peace talks improved the gang situation, but the threat of violence continues to plague the area. Some people have come back to their homes, but many are still too afraid to return.


“It’s hard to live this way,” one of our Haitian staff members recently shared over Zoom. “Each morning I wake up praying that this will be the day I see UN helicopters flying overhead.”


Yet the people of Haiti continue to persevere. Their resilience is inspiring.




Just last week, the “United Nations Security Council approved a plan to send international forces to Haiti in an attempt to restore peace and help the country hold its long-delayed elections. Garry Pierre-Pierre, the founder and publisher of “The Haitian Times,” joined CBS News with details on how the Kenya-led force will carry out its mission.” Watch HERE. 


Then yesterday, a court in Kenya temporarily blocked the Kenyan government from deploying police personnel to Haiti in the UN-approved mission. The court order issued on Monday is valid until October 24th.


Please continue to pray for the country of Haiti. 



Despite the hardships, schools in Williamson and Luly opened last Monday. We have been working hard to navigate the challenges of starting this school year.  Many families are still living in temporary housing and are unsettled.


Yet seeing students return to school in their brightly colored uniforms has brought with it a welcome sense of normalcy. School provides a place for kids in Haiti to simply be kids. 

We are beyond thankful for our amazing sponsors who keep our schools running strong!




For those of you who have traveled to Haiti with World Wide Village, you have probably stood at City on a Hill. This is where the Sant Sante Espwa medical center, goat herd and first WWV well are located on the hills above Williamson. Sadly, this area has been in the middle of the gang clashes in Williamson.

Due to the insecurity in this area, Sant Sante Espwa has been closed since the gang violence in Williamson began. Our midwife and nurse have been in contact with their patients and we have been helping provide transportation for our patients who need immediate care at outside hospitals. Healthy babies continue to be born like baby Weslanda!


We are currently making plans to temporarily relocate the clinic so our staff can continue to provide care through the Healthy Mothers + Healthy Babies program.



In great news, several families received the gift of goats just last week. More stories on those families who received goats coming soon! A special thanks to CAV Kids from Church at Viera for raising funds for goats and blessing so many families in need! 



At World Wide Village we like to say that sponsorship provides help for today, hope for tomorrow and faith for eternity. But what does that look like in Haiti?


HELP FOR TODAY: Yberman Alphonse received help for today when his family was unable to flee the gang violence in Williamson. As everyone else was fleeing town, Yberman and his family were left to make the best of a terrible situation. Read Yberman’s story HERE!


HOPE FOR TOMORROW: Amanda and Yselande Filias were blessed with hope for tomorrow as they recently graduated from high school and finished vocational school. They now have a new career path and hope for a brighter tomorrow!  Read their story HERE!


FAITH FOR ETERNITY: Emmanuel Sainfleur attends the Armee du Salut school and has a heart for the Lord. He was recently nicknamed “little pastor” at his school. Learn how your gifts are supporting and encouraging him in his walk with the Lord on our BLOG!