The medical clinic in Williamson continues to serve the community well!  Over 100 mothers & babies have already sought care at Sant Sante Espwa over the last year. These mothers & babies are receiving comprehensive pre & postnatal care, thanks to you!


The nurse and midwife at Sant Sante Espwa are now offering family planning & education services. These services are starting to grow in popularity. They are also providing a vitamin program for young children in addition to first aid & wound care. The blood pressure program also serves those with hypertension in an attempt to prevent stroke. Stroke is the number one cause of death in Haiti.


Now that these programs are well established and running smoothly, World Wide Village has been focusing on spreading the word in the community about the services offered at Sant Sante Espwa. In rural Haiti this involves a pickup truck and loudspeaker!


The mothers, babies & families in these programs offer their thanks on a daily basis. Here are just a couple words of thanks shared in the last month:


“I will always say to my son, after God it is thanks to you that he is alive.” 

– a father after his son was born.

“My gratitude for you has no limit.” – a mother who received medical care


If you would like to be an integral part of providing healthcare in Haiti, consider joining the Cornerstone Club!  Give monthly to support this wonderful program and be a blessing month after month. Learn more at:


Pictured: Mothers & babies at Sant Sante Espwa




Three wells continue to serve thousands of residents (and livestock!) in Williamson & Luly, Haiti. Thank you for helping meet this need. Even though fuel has again been in short supply, these wells are providing fresh water to the community thanks to solar power!





Due to the economic crisis and political situation in Haiti, the Ministry of Education has postponed the official start of school to October 3rd. As a silver lining, this delay is allowing more time for teacher training, more time for families to earn money for school essentials and more time to raise funds for school benches at the Good Samaritan School!


Over 500 students are now sponsored in Williamson & Luly and will be attending school without the burden of paying tuition this year. This is an amazing milestone and such a benefit to the children, their families & the entire community!


We are so thankful to each of our sponsors. You are changing lives!


Please pray for the students & teachers as they await the start of school. Pray that God would fill them with fresh enthusiasm for the upcoming school year, even in the midst of unprecedented struggles.


Pictured: Luly well & the Good Samaritan School




As World Wide Village desires to give a hand-up instead of a hand-out, we continue to give small grants to individuals who need a sustainable way to support their families. Some choose to sell fish in the market, sell food staples from home or sell charcoal.


Do you love business and want to be more involved in this program?  Email me at:





A new year of classes at the WWV Sewing Center are starting soon!  These classes are equipping many individuals in Haiti with a new livelihood. This is also the busiest season for sewing in Haiti. Thousands of school uniforms will be sewn as the new school year approaches!

Pictured: Teacher at the sewing school & a new fish business




World Wide Village currently supports three students pursing a college education in Haiti and we plan to triple that number this fall!  Recent high school graduates are applying for scholarships that will be awarded this month.


We are so proud of our sponsored students and are excited to see what God has planned for them as they continue into college & vocational school. In case you missed it, meet some of our recent graduates here!





In all of these programs, the overarching goal is to share the love of Christ and see God’s Kingdom grow in Haiti. Our hope is that the gospel is at the center of everything we do.


Pastors’ Coalition: “Joy is not in the size of our faith but in the size of our God. When we see God in his glory and promises, our faith will grow.” This was a recent topic of conversation in a Zoom call with the Pastors’ Coalition in Williamson & Luly. The political unrest, gang violence, inflation and increased poverty have all put a strain on the churches and their leaders and they are thankful for the monthly encouragement.


Saturday Bible Clubs: Pastors & leaders in the local church are engaging the youth in fun activities while they share God’s Word. Thanks to you, these Bible Clubs can offer snacks, crafts and other supplies needed to make the events engaging, fun and life-giving!


Prayer: Please pray for the pastors and leaders in these communities who are pouring into the youth during Saturday Bible Clubs. Pray also for believers in Williamson & Luly as they strive to be light in a country facing darkness. We also invite you to join us for Friday morning prayer posts on Facebook and Instagram to know how to pray for World Wide Village and the people of Haiti.


Thank you for making all of these wonderful programs possible month after month. Thank you for changing lives. 

Pictured: Students ready to pray at a Bible Club