We first met Wiseline Royal as an 18-month-old baby. Her mother brought her into our mobile medical clinic, concerned because she couldn’t walk.


As she was examined by our medical team it became apparent that even though Wiseline was chubby, she was severely malnourished.


Wiseline’s mother struggled with poverty living in rural Haiti. Because she did not have a steady source of income, she often fed Wiseline juice and rice water from a bottle. It filled Wiseline’s belly when she was hungry and was affordable but offered little nutrition.

As Wiseline grew, this inadequate diet negatively impacted her muscle mass and function, leaving her unable to stand or walk. These are the devastating effects of malnutrition that are all too common in Haiti.


Praise God that your support changed the course of this little girl’s life!


First, you provided transportation so Wiseline could visit a malnutrition clinic where she received Medika Mamba – an energy dense, micronutrient paste made using peanuts, sugar, milk powder, oil, vitamins and minerals that treats severe malnutrition. Wiseline quickly gained muscle and was given new strength. Wiseline’s mom learned the dangers of malnutrition but felt helpless to prevent it in the future without ongoing help to purchase healthy food.


Next, your generosity provided Wiseline’s mom with a grant for a small business and the gift of goats so she could be independent and support her young family. Now able to earn a living, she could provide food for Wiseline to help her grow healthy and strong.


Finally, when Wiseline was three years old she was sponsored and started preschool. She received something her mother was never able to have – a bright start to an education! While in school Wiseline received hot lunches and access to medical care. For families in rural Haiti who often live month to month, this is a tremendous blessing.

Today, Wiseline is eight years old and in 3rd grade. She most enjoys learning grammar in school, her favorite food is spaghetti, and she loves playing dolls with her younger sister. While life is not easy, she is blessed to have your support as she continues to grow.


Thank you for helping change the life of a little girl in Haiti!