World Wide Village board members were recently asked a simple question… Why Haiti? Bill Brass, a board member from Minnesota shared his heart with us and we want to share it with you.

“I have been thinking about this a lot and there is no simple explanation that I can sum up in a phrase. After going through a tough time in life, God really laid on my heart it was now time to give back after forty years of living for myself.


Sending money to Africa to sponsor a child in Mozambique was not enough. It was only after a mission trip to Haiti that I filled that void I was missing. I knew immediately that this is where God wanted me to help. I felt that I had a lot to offer and wanted to be more involved than just with my finances.”

For those of us with the opportunity to “go” and share the love of Christ in Haiti – both in word and in deed – we are often blessed in return!  We begin to see how God created us to serve and gifted us to build up the body of Christ in so many ways. Serving God by serving others around the world can definitely be a blessing.


“Why Haiti? Because It is very close to the US and I don’t have to travel half way around the world to get involved. I wanted to be more involved with my sponsored child. I wanted to visit my sponsored child. I see my skills can be used to help teach what God has taught me. My spiritual gifts were not given to me for my own benefit but for the benefit of others. Helping the Haitians to learn how to build in the construction field is where my passion is, alongside of just helping where I can financially.”

We are so thankful for Bill and his family and their willingness to serve. On his mission trips to Haiti, Bill has served alongside and taught our construction crews, as well as being very instrumental in launching and sustaining the goat program for World Wide Village. Bill travels to Haiti each year to bless families in need with a new source of sustainable income through the gift of goats. A special thanks to Bill and his family for all they do to serve the people of Haiti.


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