We are excited to introduce to you a new WWV supported school: Armee du Salut – in Luly, Haiti!

Over the last several years we have come to love and respect Pastor Chrisner and Enante Norillus who are part of the WWV Pastors’ Coalition. We first met Pastor Chrisner when members from the Armee du Salut church came to our WWV mobile medical clinic seeking medical care.  During these visits, the church members shared their faith and how God was at work in their church.  We just had to meet this pastor that was clearly following the Lord and furthering God’s Kingdom in Haiti.
Pictured: Chrisner & Enante Norillus
This relationship has led to a terrific opportunity to walk alongside Chrisner and Enante to support their school that is struggling to keep its doors open.  The Armee du Salut school and church was started by the Salvation Army more than 11 years ago. It is a beautiful compound with a school, church, conference area and a home for the Norillus family.  World Wide Village has even held mobile medical clinics at this location in Luly for the last couple years, as well.  

Pictured: Armee du Salut – Luly school

While the Salvation Army has been very supportive and has given so much to see this school and church become a reality, their policy is to support a school for 10 years, at which time they are hopeful that the school will be self-sufficient and able to operate without further support. In a country like Haiti, where the majority of families sending their children to school are living in poverty, this is very difficult.
Over the last year, the Armee du Salut school has been operating on the tuition that the students’ families have been able to pay…some months more and some months less…never enough to fully pay the teachers. Over the last year, Pastor Chrisner and Enante have struggled to pay teachers’ salaries and have even stopped drawing a salary of their own, sacrificing to try and keep their school open.  This is when they approached World Wide Village leadership about the possibility of a partnership.  
Pictured: Abdina Luc – 1st grader at Armee du Salut school
As World Wide Village continues to pour into the rural village of Luly – helping to provide education, economic growth and spiritual development – this seemed like a wonderful opportunity to continue ministering to the people there.  The Armee du Salut school currently has 185 students in grades 1-7. In faith, WWV has committed to paying teachers’ salaries over the next year and desires to make this a long-term partnership. Twenty new student sponsorships would allow WWV to pay the teachers’ salaries on an ongoing basis.  Forty new sponsorships would enable us to feed the children a daily, nutritious lunch. 
Pictured: 5th grade class at Armee du Salut  
Will you help keep this school open in Luly?  Will you walk alongside a group of teachers and leaders giving of their time and energy – often without pay – as they educate and encourage the next generation of children in Haiti?  Will you show the love of Christ in a tangible way to these children in need?  
For only $32 per month you can help make this happen!  Please consider this wonderful opportunity to be a blessing to a child…a family…a community.  

When you sponsor a child you provide help for today, hope for tomorrow and faith for eternity.​​​​​​​