Baby Bernardo 1

Photo 1: Baby Bernardo in June

Edna Louis was given goats last year through the WWV goat program.  Praise God that when she went into labor prematurely last month with twins she was able to sell two of the offspring from the goats she had been given to afford to travel to a regional hospital for a C-section. The C-section saved her life and the life of one of her twins – Baby Bernardo.


Photo 2: Baby Bernardo with his mother in June

When we visited Edna earlier in the summer she was so grateful for the WWV goat program and we were overjoyed at the little miracle she was holding, knowing it was thanks to your gifts.  As a blessing to Edna, now a single mother, WWV has also provided her with formula to feed her new baby.  In just 3 1/2 weeks, Baby Bernardo grew tremendously and now looks so healthy. A special thanks to our WWV interns for checking in on Baby Bernardo all summer and walking alongside Edna as she raises her new child. Also, a big thanks to you for giving goats and giving Baby Bernardo a chance at life.

Baby Bernardo 2

Photo 3: Baby Bernardo in July thanks to WWV and your support!

How can I help more families in Haiti like Edna and Bernardo, you ask?

#1: GIVE GOATS and offer more families the opportunity for financial security that multiplies over time!

#2: Join the CORNERSTONE CLUB and give monthly to help WWV support more families in Haiti.