I never used to think much about God. I knew the ocean was pretty and that someone must have put it there. But now that I’m six, I am smarter and I KNOW that God loves me. Why else would God have sent you to help my family?

When World Wide Village comes to visit they like to pray with us. They tell us how amazing God is and how much He loves us. My teacher talks a lot about Jesus at school, too. I learned a new Bible verse yesterday…. “how beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!”
Wow! You must have beautiful feet because you helped bring me the good news! Hmmm… I also learned that Jesus washes feet. Maybe that’s why your feet are so beautiful…because Jesus washed them!
Oh, wait. My mom says that Jesus is in heaven so I guess he’s not washing your feet right now, but she did say that Jesus washes away our sins. I don’t really know how He washes off my sins but I do know that God loves me very much.
Will you help tell all my friends about Jesus, too? When you give a Christmas gift to World Wide Village it helps buy Bibles and books about Jesus for kids like me.  It costs $10 to buy a Bible in Haiti. That’s A LOT of money for families like mine.
Will you send $10 to buy a Bible for someone in Haiti?  I hope you have a really fun Christmas. I love to celebrate Jesus being born as a baby in a manger. Merry Christmas!
Wosdana Baptiste 
Pictured: Abdaina Luc at Armee du Salut receiving
“The Story of Jesus Christ” book