Camilla Aurelien has struggled with poverty over the last several years, unsuccessfully trying to piece together work. Up until last month, she earned just $30 per month cleaning a large depot.

It was a stretch to feed and clothe her girls on just $30 per month, so Camilla’s friends and church family often stepped in to help.

Yet with the current turmoil, those she could depend upon in the past are now struggling themselves.

Growing up, Camilla’s own parents struggled with poverty. She never had the opportunity to attend school because tuition costs were out of reach for her family. Even though she was never able to learn to read and write, you are giving Camilla a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Camilla was the most recent recipient of a micro-grant to start a new small business!

With help from our dedicated WWV business coaches, Camilla is learning how to track her sales and how to be successful in the marketplace. When she’s not cleaning the depot, she is selling charcoal – a necessity for Haitian cooking – or selling cold drinks to passersby. With a wheelbarrow, an insulated cooler and cold drinks in hand, Camilla is earning a living, one refreshing drink at a time!

Camilla’s daughters were also sponsored to attend school. A tremendous blessing! Both girls now attend Armee du Salut School and the Youth Bible Club there. Through steady work, sponsorship, and God’s love, you are helping break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty that has been in Camilla’s family for decades.

On behalf of Camilla and her family, thank you!

Would you like to help other families like Camilla’s rebuild their lives? You can! Give hope through micro-grants here!