Pictured: Rikervens Charmant

Rikervens Charmant is 12-years old, loves to play soccer, enjoys learning math and wants to be an engineer someday. Will you help him achieve his dreams? When you donate $32 per month to the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program, you will allow Rikervens to attend school and have a hot lunch each day. What a blessing for a child in Haiti!


Pictured: Ysadora and Jordansley Delacin 

Ysadora and Jordansley Delacin are brother and sister and live in the small fishing village of Luly. Both are in need of sponsorship at the Armee du Salut school.  For $32 per month you can sponsor Ysadora (Age 7) or Jordansley (Age 8) and give them hope for a brighter future.


Pictured: Rechina Teracin

Rechina Teracin is a 9-year old girl from Haiti who loves to read but sometimes struggles with learning, especially when she misses school because she cannot afford tuition. For $32 per month, you can be an encouragement to Rechina, helping her strive to do her best each day! Your sponsorship will also provide opportunities for after-school tutoring.


Pictured: Stanley Belizaire

Stanley Belizaire is six years old and lives with his mother, two sisters and one brother. Creole is the most difficult part of school for Stanley, but he loves to study math, hear jokes and go to school!  His mother is a saleswoman from Luly. Would you consider sponsoring Stanley for $32 per month? 


Pictured: Sandina Fenelon  

Sandina Fenelon is 8-years old and lives in Luly with her mother and brother. Math is Sandina’s favorite part of school and it makes her smile when she knows her lessons. You can support Sandina’s education for just $32 per month. When you sponsor a child you give help for today, hope for tomorrow and faith for eternity.    


Pictured: Yvenson Belizaire

This bright-eyed little boy is 9-years old and loves studying math and getting good grades. Yvenson Belizaire lives with his mother, one sister and two brothers. His mother sells goods in the market to support their family but could use help in sending her children to school.  You can change the life of this family for just $32 per month, providing an education and a hot meal each day for Yvenson. 


Pictured: Stevenson Petit Homme

Stevenson Petit Homme lives in Luly and is 14-years old. Even though Stevenson is slightly behind in school because his family has not always been able to afford to send him, he is in 5th grade and enjoys learning math. French is the most difficult part of school for Stevenson. He lives with his mom, dad, one brother and one sister.  His father is a farmer.  Please consider sponsoring Stevenson and his hard-working family through sponsorship for just $32 per month.