A cervical cancer survivor from the United States says, “to avoid being in my shoes as [a] woman diagnosed with cervical cancer, you must love, listen to, protect, and prioritize your body.” But what about the women in Haiti who cannot protect their own bodies? What about the women who have no access to screenings or treatment for this cancer called the “silent killer?” Who will love and protect their bodies?

Haiti has the highest reported rate of cervical cancer of any country in the world – 11 times higher than in the United States. According to Dr. David Walmer, a physician from Duke Global Health Institute with nearly 20 years of research experience on cervical cancer in Haiti, one in 20 women in Haiti coming to Family Health Ministries’ clinic has an advanced, untreatable cancer. Cervical cancer is called the “silent killer” because women often have no symptoms in the early stages. Often times there are no warning signs until the cancer has spread to the bladder, liver, or lungs. Pair this with inaccessible healthcare in Haiti and it is understandable why cervical cancer is such an issue.

How can cervical cancer be prevented?

Rapid screening tests for cervical HPV (human papillomavirus) combined with cryotherapy treatments for women who test positive for HPV have recently been proven to decrease the incidence and mortality from cervical cancer. This is an amazing breakthrough in the prevention of cervical cancer in countries like Haiti.  

Right now, World Wide Village has been invited to partner with global leaders in women’s health initiatives to fight cervical cancer.  This opportunity has come thanks to our wonderful supporters who decided to #DoSomething last year and raise funds to complete the construction of the WWV medical center. Now you have an amazing opportunity to bless the women of Williamson & Luly, Haiti.

$100 will provide 10 women in Haiti with cervical cancer screening

$500 will purchase a cryotherapy machine to treat early signs of cancer

$400 will pay the monthly salary of a Haitian nurse to oversee the program


Will you #DoSomething?