Thank you so much for participating in our Change for Chickens fundraiser! We are excited to report that so far you have collected over $1,300 for chickens in Haiti!  These funds will be used to purchase 1-day old chicks at $1 a piece, (plus the cost of feed and supplies) that are then raised and sold in the local markets for $7-$8 a piece. Your donations are helping build sustainability and food security in Haiti!  We also want to pass along a special thank you from Mirielle – our first family in the WWV poultry program. What a blessing this new poultry business has been to Mirielle and her children. One short story shows just how diligent Mirielle has been in caring for her chicks in recent months.

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After a long stretch of drought in Haiti, there was a torrential downpour one evening in Williamson.  The water rushed down the sides of the mountain, flooding Mirielle’s chicken coop.  To save her chicks, Mirielle carried nearly 400 baby chicks into her home for the night!  What dedication!

Thankfully, the WWV Haitian construction crew came to her rescue the next day and designed a trench that will prevent this flooding from happening again.  The vision of the City on a Hill project through WWV is to continue providing more agricultural opportunities to families like Mirielle’s.  Programs such as the WWV goat herd and the poultry program are creating new jobs and building sustainability!

Watch this short video to see how you are making a BIG impact in Haiti — with chickens!

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Congratulations to our WWV Ambassador, Jackie Sweet, and the Women’s Fellowship from Reinbeck, Iowa on collecting the most change in our Change for Chickens fundraiser!  Jackie and her generous group of women raised $486.55 for chickens in Haiti!