Yvenel Pierre was born and raised in Luly, Haiti. When his father passed away, Yvenel became the “man of the house” helping to provide for his mother and younger sister. A natural leader, Yvenel has studied engineering, English and computer programming.  He is now using those skills to teach others.


Pictured: Yvenel with students in his English class


Even more than he enjoys teaching students about engineering and computers, Yvenel has a passion for teaching them about God. “Since I was a child, my mother went to church with me every day.” He feels that God has now called him to be a leader in the church.


Three years ago, Yvenel asked World Wide Village to help support a small weekend Bible school which not only teaches children about God’s Word, but also provides a nutritious meal. Today it has grown to nearly 200 students!


“The Bible school I lead with the kids in Luly is to let them know how to have respect for God, for themselves and for others. I decided to start that program because when I looked around my area, I saw kids with [little] education and they didn’t even know how to live with others, so I decided to start that program.”


Your ongoing donations allow Yvenel to continue teaching children in Luly about the love of Christ. The Bible school that has grown to over 200 students in Luly includes children of all ages, and your generosity has provided meals at each Bible school meeting.



Even with COVID-19 interrupting the program, Yvenel has started personally delivering packages of food for the children in the program… such a tangible way to show the love of Christ! Yvenel cares deeply for the children he is leading in Bible school & we know that you care, too! 


A special thank you to our wonderful Cornerstone Club members who give month after month to bless the people of Haiti, and to everyone who has chosen to go above and beyond over the last three months with an extra one-time gift. We are grateful!


If you’re still considering becoming part of our monthly giving program, now is the perfect time!  When you join The Cornerstone Club you help World Wide Village programs – like Yvenel’s Bible school – continue going strong. We simply cannot do it without you!