“Now as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15


Fathers play no small role in the lives of their children and who they grow up to be. Jean LeClerc Philistin has answered God’s call to raise his children to follow the Lord. Along with teaching them God’s wisdom, he also strongly desires that they all receive an education.


LeClerc works as a teacher in a village near Williamson and Luly, Haiti. Having had the opportunity to attend school himself, LeClerc knows the importance of learning. Over the last 15 years he has been able to send each of his own children to school.

Achkanay, Achkaday, Dawing, Testarson, Ananias and Mathania have all been blessed with a father who prioritizes their education! 


Sadly, poverty has risen sharply in the rural villages over the last year. A combination of political instability, soaring inflation, gang violence and food shortages have made it increasingly difficult for families to make ends meet. 

When families in LeClerc’s village cannot afford school tuition, he does not receive a paycheck. When he doesn’t receive a paycheck, he cannot afford school for his own children, and the cycle continues.


Praise God that LeClerc’s prayers for his children were answered!


Thanks to six amazing student sponsors, LeClerc’s children can now attend school without the burden of paying tuition. LeClerc can also continue doing what he loves and what he feels he has been called to do – bring education to children in his village.


As a teacher and father, LeClerc is helping build up the next generation in Haiti and providing brighter futures. May God bless fathers and teachers like LeClerc who serve the Lord in rural Haiti!