New School Library

The Ackerson Family was the most recent team in Haiti with World Wide Village.  During their one week mission trip they helped paint and construct a new library in the Williamson school in memory of Mark Frain – a beloved son, nephew and cousin of the who passed away in a snowmobile accident.  Creole books were purchased to start the library and an upcoming team will also be helping to further stock the library with books in English to assist with language learning.  


Pictured: Greg Ackerson, Pastor Joassaint, Donna Frain & Kay Capra with the new library


New Guesthouse

Construction is nearly complete for the new World Wide Village guesthouse in Williamson!  There were a few changes that the owner of the guesthouse needed to make to accommodate our needs – such as extra staff accommodations and a larger kitchen – before we could start the official move to Williamson.  We are also in process of putting solar panels on the guesthouse, thanks to Apex!  

Pictured: Inside of the new guesthouse

The pastors of Williamson and Luly came together to pray and dedicate the new World Wide Village guesthouse last week. They sang Blessed Assurance and then prayed together holding hands in a circle. The Holy Spirit was like electricity in that circle!!  The pastors also spoke words of encouragement to us about the work of World Wide Village and their excitement that we would be living in the community.


Health Classes

Public health awareness is a priority of World Wide Village in helping to prevent illness in the communities we serve.  Last week World Wide Village held two health classes for students in partner schools.  Topics included general health, germ prevention, dental care and lots of time for Q&A.  Over the years we have discovered that there are many myths floating around that can be harmful in regard to health – especially in the area of sexuality. The nurses that taught the health classes also saw a few patients who needed care, including these two boys who collided and gashed their heads while playing outside!  

Pictured: Kay Capra with her two patients 


Medical Center

In case you missed it, we were able to completely surpass our goal of raising the matching $30,000 for a total of $60,000 to complete the medical center. We are so grateful for your generosity over the last couple months and are hopeful that we will be dedicating the new WWV medical center in just a few short months!  The WWV construction crew is already hard at work getting the building ready for the roof.  Please be in prayer that everything would go smoothly with construction of the medical center – including getting the necessary supplies, equipment and expertise that is needed to complete the hurricane-safe roof.