World Wide Village Schools:

School in Williamson & Luly is in full swing!  If you’ve ever wondered what a typical school day looks like in Haiti, enjoy a recent blog post sent to our WWV Student Sponsors called “A Day in the Life.”  Learn a little more about what the students in the World Wide Village schools are learning and see photos of their classrooms.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, World Wide Village was able to increase teachers’ pay in the schools this year.  This pay increase will be an encouragement to our teachers and a great incentive to continue providing high quality education in these rural villages.  Thank you for making this possible!  

Pictured: 9th grade class in Luly

The students in the 4th grade class at Armee du Salut – Luly are enjoying learning about music on recorders. Similar to many classes in the United States, the recorder is used as a first step into the world of music.  Why the recorder?  To start, recorders are manufactured to be very inexpensive but nearly indestructible.  Perfect for children!  It’s also very easy for students to create sound with this instrument.  What a joy to see these students in school, knowing it’s because of your support that this school is still open. THANK YOU!

Pictured: 4th grade students at Armee du Salut- Luly


Medical Center:

The dedication for the newly constructed WWV medical center is scheduled for Monday, October 16th. Stay tuned for more details as we celebrate the completion of the medical center and look forward to what God has in store for medical care in rural Haiti.  Be sure to check out our recent blog post on dental care in Haiti and future plans for offering dental care in the WWV medical center.  


New Guesthouse:

The new guesthouse in Williamson is being christened this week by the school-photography team on the ground in Haiti.  Check out the views from the balcony!  Despite the poverty that plagues Haiti, it truly is a beautiful country!  Thanks to everyone who donated to stock the guesthouse and we look forward to seeing you on the ground soon!

Pictured: The view from the guesthouse