Two years ago, when COVID-19 made its way through Haiti, Marie Duperier became very sick. She had a cough, fever and body aches. Being a single mother in Haiti, an illness like this can be devastating.


Marie especially worried for her family because the little income she made selling food staples in the market did not leave margin for an illness. Marie was unable to work for an entire month, and the family survived by living off of the food inventory from her business.


By the time Marie was feeling well enough to work again, there was nothing left in her business to sell.


Even with help from friends and neighbors, life quickly became difficult with no business and no income.


Yet God saw their need and answered their prayers.


Marie’s pastor reached out to World Wide Village for help as he saw the struggles the family was going through. Praise God, you were the hands and feet of Jesus to this family in their time of need. You provided food, education and a fresh start.


“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink…” Matthew 25:35. 


All three of Marie’s children were sponsored for school – Chermica, Maykervens and Makenley. The family received a food pack that provided food for the family for an entire month. Marie was also given a small grant to re-start her business selling rice, beans and other food staples.


Marie has seen God working in her life. “God used World Wide Village to help my family when we had nowhere to turn. God has given me health to be able to work and support my kids again,” she says.


A special thanks to our amazing student sponsors, as well as our Cornerstone Club members who give each month to help mothers like Marie. You truly are the hands and feet of Jesus in Haiti!