Now a widow, Liliane Eliasaint has six children and ten grandchildren. At 53 years of age, Liliane still works hard to care for her family.  While her bones often ache after the end of a long day, she tries hard to help her daughters provide for her grandchildren – especially when it comes to school.

Her dream has been for each of her grandchildren to attend school, a dream that she couldn’t fulfill for her daughters many years ago.  A dream that seemed nearly impossible until World Wide Village offered sponsorship and the gift of goats.

Pictured: Liliane Eliasaint

There are no savings accounts in rural villages in Haiti. There are no rainy day funds, pensions or retirement funds… but there are goats! When a family receives goats through WWV, those goats quickly reproduce and now the family has four goats. When those goats reproduce, now the family owns eight goats! Families can continue to breed goats to build up their herd, selling the offspring to provide income when needs arise.

Pictured: Liliane and her daughters receiving goats

When six of Liliane’s grandchildren needed new school uniforms, the cost could have been overwhelming on a small income. Thanks to the gift of goats, Liliane was able to help her daughters purchase school uniforms for each of her grandchildren — an expectation of all families attending school in Haiti that can often be a burden.  Other recipients of goats from World Wide Village have used the extra income to pay for an emergency c-section, to begin building a home or purchase school shoes.  The best part of this type of gift, is that it provides sustainability as the goats reproduce!  


Pictured: A few of Liliane’s grandchildren (Eldo, Rosenerline, Claudney and Emmania)

Please consider joining the World Wide Village #GivingTuesday team and mobilizing friends and family as you raise funds for goats and other animals in Haiti. Give the gift of SUSTAINABILITY!

  • $100 provides a pregnant goat and training for a family in rural Haiti.