Berline loves to sit and listen to her husband tell stories to their five children. As a farmer in the mountains, he has many exciting adventures to share with his family.

Even with the inspiring tales, farming in Haiti can be challenging and uncertain. Some years Berline and her husband have had successful crops and extra income… a blessing from the Lord! But some years, when the crops fail… life can get very difficult.

This year was definitely a struggle. Berline’s husband worked hard farming in the mountains, but the bean crop failed, and they had no produce to sell in the market.

Thanks to you, this wonderful family was blessed with the gift of goats during their time of need.  Goats will allow them to continue farming the land in Haiti but have peace of mind if crops fail, that they will have an alternate source of income.


“The goats will help in many ways,” says Berline. “For example, when the goats have babies in the future, we can sell the babies when the crops fail and use the money to pay for school tuition for our children.”


Pictured: Berline & her children


Your support of WWV is blessing many families in rural Haiti with a new livelihood through goats.


Thank you for your generosity!