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Over the last month our interns have been busy in Williamson and Luly. They have continued to conduct the health survey in Williamson that will help direct our medical team in deciding where to focus efforts once our clinic is built. We will be excited to share the results from the data once we have it all collected and sorted!

Our interns have also been leading a number of Bible Studies in Luly and Williamson with both younger children and teenagers in these communities.  Their most recent Bible study with the teenagers was spent talking through the details of the gospel and what that means for us as Christians.  Our intern (Megan) and our translator (Reggie) held a Bible study with the younger children last week. They talked about trusting in Jesus and had the kids participate in the “Trust Fall” exercise. The kids absolutely loved it!


Lexie, our intern and math teacher by training, spent a few days with the WWV teachers at a conference at the school in Williamson. Lexie has also been working closely with Pastor Joassaint, our school administrator in Williamson. They have worked together on purchasing the new school books and the deposit process for families, as well as putting new metrics in place for reporting progress in the schools. This will be a great accountability measure for our teachers and administrators in Haiti.

teachers training

Have you ever considered spending the summer in Haiti as an intern with World Wide Village?  Interns are such a blessing and are so appreciated!  Use your unique skills while sharing the love of Christ with the Haitian people. You can read more here about becoming an intern in Haiti next summer!