Jordany Thomas was born and raised in Luly, Haiti. Thanks to your monthly gifts to the WWV Student Sponsorship Program, he is able to work as an assistant at the school in Luly. Jordany recently sat down to talk with us about life in Haiti and how you have impacted his family and so many others in Luly.


1) Tell us about your family.


“I am married, and I live in a house with my wife and three kids.” Jordany and his wife are raising Jordin (age 9), Chrismia (age 5) and an 18-month old little girl.



2) How have the political protests and now COVID-19 affected lives in Haiti?


“It has very, very much affected everybody financially. There are often side jobs that you can get here and there. [Since the political protests and COVID-19] you can no longer get those jobs because people have been afraid to go out. Many businesses have shut down.” 



Over the last 9 months, many businesses in Haiti have closed and jobs are very hard to come by. Inflation has soared and food prices are skyrocketing, making it more and more difficult to simply feed your family. Plantains – a staple in Haitian cooking – which cost $8 per bunch in September of 2019, now cost $16.


Jordany is not only thankful for the sponsor who is allowing his son Jordin to attend school without the burden of paying tution, he is also very thankful for each of you. Your generosity through sponsorship provides him with a steady paycheck. Even while so many others cannot find work, Jordany’s paycheck allows him peace of mind knowing he will be able to feed his family and continue to have work when schools re-open in August.


Jordany is also being very resourceful and has decided to make the most of this difficult situation. While school is unable to meet due to COVID-19, he is volunteering his time working alongside a welder in town who is showing him the trade.



3) Why is sponsorship important for children in Haiti?



Translation: “Sponsorship for children in Haiti is very important because there are 70% of parents who cannot help their children go to school. When you find a sponsor, who is helping a child attend school, it is a great thing and supports you a lot. Sometimes you think that your child will go to school, but because of lack of savings, you cannot send them to school. But when you find someone to help with your child, it’s very good and very important.”


What would you like to say to sponsors who give each month to help the school in Luly?


“I would like to say thank you to the sponsors. I ask God to protect them and let everything they touch become a source of blessing so with the same blessing they can share with other people.”



What are your future goals for you and your children?


“My greatest goal is for my children to finish school and to gain a great education,” Jordany says. He hopes his children will learn something in school that they will love to do as a career someday.

Jordin Thomas is Jordany’s 9-year old son. He loves to play soccer and sing the song “Father God” at church. Jordin is sponsored and hopes to be a teacher and work at school with his dad someday.


Chrismia Thomas is Jordany’s 5-year old daughter. She loves to play with dolls and sing “Tonton Bouki” at school (see video below). Chrismia still needs a sponsor to reach her goal of becoming a doctor someday. Visit our sponsorship page to sponsor Chrismia and bless this wonderful family yet again.

UPDATE: This need has been met! A special thank you to Chrismia’s new sponsor! If you’re still interested in sponsorship, there are many, many children waiting for the chance to be sponsored. Visit our sponsorship page and bless a child today!  


“I would like to give a big thanks for your support. May God bless you and all your families abundantly. May God protect you and keep you in everything you do.” – Jordany Thomas