Stacie Marzen from Vinton, Iowa

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Photo 1: Stacie at the WWV school in Luly;  Photo 2: Stacie with her sponsored student, Remilia; Photo 3: Stacie & Jen teaching hand hygiene in the Luly school

How did you first get involved with WWV? Jen Streit & her husband Chad have been good friends of ours for about 11 years.  Jen has shared her love for Haiti on and off through the years.  She has also shared how her family has a real connection with Haiti.  Jen has always been a true inspiration to me.  Jen & chad were one of the couples that inspired my husband & I to become foster parents 7 years ago.  With her love for God and big heart for Haiti, I knew I wanted to go experience it for myself.  Jen encouraged me to go on the medical mission trip they were organizing through their church.  I myself have a heart for serving others, so I felt a big pull to step outside my box and go for it.  I went with their group from Grace Community Church In Oct 2013 to Haiti.  It was AMAZING!!  I cannot wait to go back.

When did you know that you were passionate about Haiti?  With being around a great group of believers all with a big heart to serve and when driving through Haiti….I just felt a wonderful connection.  Plus knowing the background & vision of World Wide Village made me feel like I needed to be more involved.  Pat & Randy are truly doing God’s work over there.  It’s kinda hard not to feel a pull to go back even after just experiencing Haiti once.  The Haitians are thirsty for God’s word and their smiles are infectious.  The kids come running and freely show us their joy & love, which warms the heart.