Matt & Amy Cheney from Blaine, MN

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How did you first get involved with WWV?  Renovation (church) goes to Haiti with WWV every year. When it came time to sign up for the mission trip, we both felt a strong nudge from God to take a leap of faith and go. Our first trip to Haiti was in February 2014. We went again in February 2015 and will be going back in a few short weeks.

When did you know that you were passionate about Haiti? A few days into our trip we were already in love with everything; the people, the country, and the vision of WWV. We could see how our skills and unique gifts helped in making a lasting impact.

Which Ambassador activities are you most excited about?  We are most excited to help find student sponsorships. We don’t have kids of our own, but are excited to be able to build a connection with a sweet little boy in Haiti. Through a small sacrifice, we are able to help change these children’s lives. We want our friends and family to be a part of this change with us.


Jackie Sweet from Reinbeck, IA

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Photo 1: Jackie Sweet and granddaughter (Abby);   Photo 2: Daughter (Kim) with sponsored student (Dieunika)

How did you first get involved with WWV? I first became involved with World Wide Village when my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter traveled to Haiti for a medical mission trip in 2013.  Seeing the photos and hearing the stories stirred my heart to help from home.  My first step was to sponsor a student – Dieunika. It’s been amazing to have the opportunity to send gifts and see photos as my sponsored student grows into a young woman. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity for our local church to participate in the mission of World Wide Village by collecting supplies and donations to help in Haiti. What a worthy mission!

Which Ambassador activities are you most excited about?I am most excited about the Change Challenge and the month of prayer. The Change Challenge is such a fun idea to help raise much-needed funds for World Wide Village. I am also looking forward to joining other Ambassadors in praying daily for the people of Haiti and the work God is doing in Haiti through World Wide Village.