10379750_10203002049745481_4439255475879458721_o 1606319_10201918691542203_573011401_o Roberson

Roberson is 34 years old and lives with his wife, two daughters, and son in Delmas 40 (an area near Port-au-Prince). He grew up in Arcahaie, Haiti and helped his dad with gardening. He has five brothers and ten sisters! Roberson has worked with WWV for the past seven years and is now our construction manager for WWV building projects. He’s loved getting to learn more about construction from teams from America coming to Haiti. He does an amazing job coordinating the WWV construction crew and builds beautiful homes – like Mirielle’s most recent new house near the WWV chicken coop. In his free time, he loves the beach and snorkeling.


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Sonia was born in Haiti and moved to the United States at age nine. Sonia lived, worked and raised her 5 children in the U.S. – including two sets of twins. In the U.S. she worked as a hairstylist and chef. She moved back to Haiti three years ago and is currently caring for her mother. She’s also raising a sweet little girl who was dropped off at her doorstep two years ago when she was just an infant. Sonia was raised going to church with her grandmother and was saved at age 16.

Sonia has been working as a translator with World Wide Village for two years and really enjoys meeting teams and especially likes translating for the women’s church conferences. She says that she loves World Wide Village because she feels respected by the organization and is comfortable with the staff and loves the social aspect of being with both Haitians and Americans alike. Sonia tells us that the best part of moving back to Haiti is getting to spend time with her mother, but the most difficult part is definitely the struggling economy and less than adequate living situations.

In her spare time, Sonia loves to cook and dabble in cosmetology. We’ve also been told she has the voice of an angel! Sonia has been an amazing addition to the WWV staff and such a blessing to have representing our organization. She has helped countless young women we’ve met in our medical clinics and is an amazing ambassador for Christ.


Osnell    Osnel

Osnel is 29 years old and was born in Haiti. He has been working for two years with WWV, lives at the guesthouse, and makes sure things run smoothly for our teams and staff. He is our generator expert and makes sure there is always electricity! Osnel grew up in the mountains with two sisters and three brothers. Before working with WWV he raised goats and pigs and took care of a garden. Osnel just finished his Philo exam (his final exam before moving onto college) and thinks it went really well. If he has the opportunity he would love to travel to another country to attend college and then return to Haiti. Eventually he wants to become a dentist. He loves working at the guesthouse and loves to go swimming in his free time. This is a photo of Osnel studying on the desks that he helped American teams build.  He built them by day and studied on them by night. What a picture of dedication!  

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Enjoy a few photos of some of our other Haitian staff we love!

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