Prosper America was founded in 2014 to educate and empower individuals. Their primary focus is in the United States where they provide financial education solutions to individuals, businesses, schools, and organizations.

Prosper America also reaches out internationally and supports organizations that are providing sustainable education and empowerment solutions. This is why Prosper America and World Wide Village work so well together – our shared vision for sustainability and empowerment! Internationally, Prosper America is currently concentrating in the country of Haiti where they have been able to come alongside organizations like World Wide Village to be a blessing.


Pictured: Financial Literacy Class in Haiti

Whether through the many children they sponsor through the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program, the time they spend teaching sewing classes or financial literacy classes in Haiti, Prosper America is an amazing organization and we are so thankful for their partnership.

Pictured: Michelle Shambora teaching sewing skills in Haiti

“We are so impressed with the vision World Wide Village has for Haiti, the City on a Hill project, and the people of Williamson/Luly. Our belief is that there are quite enough NGO’s and Not-for-Profits in Haiti, so instead of being an en-ground presence we simply want to partner with existing organizations that are doing great work that aligns with our overall mission. So whether it’s tuition assistance, ESL classes, financial literacy classes, sewing classes, construction, agriculture or relief, we stand behind our strategic partners, and support their efforts.

We are so proud of World Wide Village and all their work. It is amazing to see the commitment and progress that has been made. And we are so happy to work with the Board of Directors and all their supporters, as together we can lead dramatic positive changes in peoples’ lives.”

-Steve Shambora (Prosper America founder and Executive Director) 

Pictured: Steve Shambora with WWV staff