One big happy family. This could definitely be said of Ania Dominique and her extended family who love to laugh and tell jokes together. Ania and her husband live with their six children, Grandma & Grandpa, plus Ania’s brother and nephew who also share the same small house.

The Dominiques are a fun-loving, yet hard-working family. Grandma Cilia sells items in the market and Grandpa Marc works as a farmer. Ania washes clothing to earn a living. Yet with so many mouths to feed in the family, the money doesn’t go very far.


Give a goat. Change a life.

It’s not just a catch phrase.  It’s true!


For the Dominiques, owning goats will be a life changer…

  • It will mean that all six of their children will attend school instead of having to choose just three.
  • It will mean they will be able to take their sick child to the hospital instead of fearing the worst.
  • It will mean being able to feed their children each day instead of missing meals.
Goats definitely change lives!

“I am joyful,” says Ania of receiving goats.
“I am very happy, and I am saying many thanks to God.”


We can’t thank YOU enough for supporting World Wide Village and providing new livelihoods in Haiti through the gift of goats.


Thank you for changing lives!