Love God. Love Others.


These two commands sum up Jesus’ call to us as Christians and are the perfect way to describe how Pastor Nerner and his wife, Yolaine, live each and every day.

Nerner (pronounced “Ney Ney”) and Yolaine have four grown children and have joyously welcomed several grandchildren into their family.

They have also been leading a small church in Williamson, Haiti for the last nine years. They meet each Sunday under a small, colorful tarp. Their church has no walls and no roof, but the Word of God is preached, there is lots of love, and many come to worship.



But life in Haiti can be difficult. Pastor Nerner recently found himself sitting with his hands empty when the orphanage where he worked was closed. For years he had been able to use his salary to help so many people.

He helped students from his church attend school by paying their tuition. He helped support a family when their house burned down in a fire. He watched over a family of teenage orphans, making sure their needs were met.


When Pastor Nerner lost his job, his first concern was not for himself, but for the others he had been helping.

Being a part of the World Wide Village Pastor’s Coalition, he knew he could count on World Wide Village to help. Over the last several months, Pastor Nerner and his wife have selflessly walked alongside World Wide Village in providing food and other basic needs to so many people in need.

Now, thanks to your generosity, Pastor Nerner and his wife are receiving a business grant to start a new small business in 2020! They will be able to sell products from their home and in the market to earn a living. Our prayer is that God will bless this small business, helping it to grow so Pastor Nerner and Yolaine will be able to once again help others in their community.


Pastor Nerner recently preached on Genesis 18:13-14 where God asks Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Through your generosity, Pastor Nerner has seen firsthand that nothing is too hard for the Lord!  Thank you for supporting World Wide Village and giving generously to bridge the gap for many families in 2020. It truly does make a difference!


Pictured: Vacation Bible School at Pastor Nerner’s church