A recent team from Minnesota traveled to Haiti and became the hands and feet of Jesus to the Haitian people during their 1-week mission trip.  The team was able to bless the young ladies in the new sewing class in Williamson with fabric for new projects. The fabric was purchased in Haiti – to help stimulate the Haitian economy – and was donated to the young ladies in the class. The medically trained women on the team also taught a class on women’s health to some of the ladies in Williamson. They were able to debunk many myths that the Haitian women had learned over the years about sexuality.

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The construction crew built a new shelter near the well to keep our well manager – Phito (pictured below with Greg Ackerson) – out of the sun and protected against the sometimes harsh weather. The team also finished constructing the public shower and laid three more layers of block on the medical clinic!

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Remember the WWV goat herd?  As it’s growing we’ve realized we need a bigger fenced in area on the City on a Hill property to keep the goats!  This team started the process of digging holes for the fence posts that will stake off an area for protecting the goats and an area for protecting the new Moringa trees from the goats!  We do realize that keeping goats directly adjacent to a field of Moringa trees is like a shopaholic living right next to a mall, but we’ll make sure the fences are sturdy!  The new wooden benches in the Williamson church are also now beautifully painted yellow.

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Many Haitian families were blessed by this team with new sponsorships for their children’s education, as well. One family in particular will now be able to send their children to school thanks to the generosity of the team members. The family pictured on the left has not been able to send their children to school because the father has been unable to walk for the last eight years. Because he cannot walk, he cannot work. Thank you Peace Lutheran for changing lives in Haiti!

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