Lives are always changed when Impact Teams come to Haiti. This impact is almost impossible to put it into words, but Chad Amos did an amazing job capturing what happens when you take a step of faith and follow God’s leading to be the hands and feet of Christ in Haiti.


“Ok, so I am almost a year removed from my trip to Haiti and I am still feeling the impact of that week. I am an addict in recovery from addiction…this trip changed lives. Our softball team and a few families made the trip. 11 of us total. I am a planner…that’s what I am good at. We planned for almost a year. When we arrived I sat back and watched God work.

~ Seeds of faith were planted in people that maybe didn’t know God.

~ I watched God fix a broken relationship… that couple gets married in September.

~ I watched an addict learn that God can change anyone.

~ I watched God touch all of our lives as we got to bring the sport we love (softball) to a group of kids who had never played.

~ An hour later I watched God break our hearts as we truly understood the hardships of life in rural Haiti.

~ I watched my daughter pray out loud for the first time.



~I watched God build a man into a strong Christian leader that has now brought a second team back to Haiti.

~I watched as God showed a woman in our group her worth.

~I watched our team do a little work to help build a fence, but use the people of Haiti to change us so much more.

~I watched all of us be humbled and challenged to give to the least.

~I watched every person in our group be touched and shaped by God.

I am hoping His plan brings me back to Haiti next year so I can watch God work again. I know we went there to help them… and we did. They have a fence now and some great projects in the works. However, their impact on us will forever outweigh what we did for them.”

Chad Amos for the BTW Overcomers Softball Team