Budding entrepreneurs like Nelson Garcon are just the kind of talented young people who are helping Haiti thrive, grow and build sustainability. 

Over the last several years, Nelson has been honing his skills making leather sandals, but it hasn’t always been easy. Nelson lives with his mother in rural Williamson. If you’ve been to Haiti with World Wide Village, you may have met his mother, Mrs. Williams. She sells Coca-Cola and other products from her roadside stand across from the World Wide Village school.

Pictured: Nick Keith purchasing Nelson’s sandals from Mrs. Williams   

In order to make these leather sandals, Nelson must travel into Port-au-Prince by tap-tap (the Haiti public transportation) where he can rent the machines needed to stitch and sand the sandals he’s creating.

He is currently able to sell each sandal for $10-$15 in local markets and to local vendors. His sandals have become more and more popular and business is growing… slowly. Nelson dreams of growing his sandal making business and hopes to eventually train and employ other Haitians to make high quality leather sandals…sandals that are durable and will stand up to the miles and miles of walking Haitians must do each day.

Pictured: Nelson’s sandals

While business has been slowly growing, the cost of going into Port-au-Prince and renting stitching and sanding machines significantly eats into his profit, making it difficult to continue buying the necessary supplies and nearly impossible to grow his business and help feed his family.

This is where you come in. As a supporter of World Wide Village, you are giving this budding entrepreneur an opportunity to achieve his dreams. Nelson researched and created a business plan and now through a small loan, World Wide Village is helping him purchase the equipment necessary to make his sandals right in Williamson.

Not only will this allow Nelson to make a greater profit, but it will also allow him to grow his business and start training other sandal-makers. Thank you for helping to build sustainability in Haiti and foster economic growth. 

As a special bonus, Simplicity Boutique in Murrysville, PA is now selling Nelson’s sandals! Stephanie Briggs, owner of this wonderful mission-driven boutique traveled to Haiti on a short-term Impact Trip with World Wide Village and was impressed by the leather sandals. Stephanie’s boutique that sells goods to support sustainability to vulnerable people around the world now includes sandals from Williamson, Haiti!  https://www.facebook.com/PurchaseforaPurposefairtrade


Pictured: Nelson’s sandals at Simplicity Boutique