Nine-year old Sephora and her parents – Gerald & Evelyn – live in Luly, Haiti.  Gerald, is a fisherman. For years he’s worked long hours hauling in nets full of fish to provide for his family. Evelyn works in the market selling dried fish.
Over the last year, Gerald has struggled with several health issues. He developed a hernia in his abdomen that prevented him from fishing. He waited nearly a year for an American team to perform surgery to repair the hernia. He is now healing and hoping that he will be able to return to fishing.                                                                                                                           
Sadly, Gerald has additional health concerns – he also has a large tumor in his neck, along with several smaller tumors that have recently appeared. It is very likely some type of progressive head and neck cancer.

Pictured: Sephora & Gerald in the WWV mobile medical clinic
In Haiti, there are few options for diagnosing and treating head and neck cancer. There is no disability insurance for a father unable to work. There is no life insurance for those left behind…. but there is the church, the body of Christ, you and me, working through organizations like World Wide Village.
There are many wonderful supporters like Nick & Kirsten who are willing to walk alongside families in need – families like Sephora’s.  Nick & Kirsten are now giving monthly to sponsor Sephora at the new WWV school in Luly – Armee du Salut.  They are also traveling to Haiti in October to meet Sephora, praying for Gerald and his health and are willing to go the extra mile to support this family.​​​​​​​
This is what the body of Christ can do…
Offer a glimpse of the love of Jesus in action.
There are so many children like Sephora in Luly who could use your help. Families who are struggling to provide but desire for their children to receive an education and a chance at a brighter future. For $32 per month, you can sponsor a child like Sephora.