Back to School:

It’s back to school time in Haiti. Thanks to you, the Williamson and Luly schools kicked off last week and another year of learning and growing has begun. There are successes and challenges each year, but we are excited to see so many children in their neatly pressed uniforms and backpacks in tow, heading to school. These are children who may not have had the opportunity to attend school without your generosity. Thank you.

Celebrating Success:

  • We are thrilled to report that the Armee du Salut school was able to keeps its doors open for another year of school thanks to our new partnership. Many of the school children at Armee du Salut who are most vulnerable to poverty are being blessed with a sponsorship and the opportunity to attend school without the burden of paying tution. That’s a success!

Pictured: Armee du Salut School

  • The summer tutoring program through WWV was offered to children who are either behind in school OR have never had the opportunity to begin school. Many students took advantage of this opportunity to catch up over the summer months.
  • Two students, Lovelie Mercius and Loussitha Raymond, stand out specifically because they went from never having attended school to being able to start school in an age-appropriate class. Way to go Lovelie and Loussitha! Each of these girls now have sponsors and will be able to continue attending school.


Overcoming Challenges:

  • Like everything, challenges come with success. One of our biggest challenges is that the school in Williamson is bursting at the seams! This is a fantastic problem to have because it means more and more children are having the opportunity to receive an education, but it can put extra stress on the teachers.

Pictured: Williamson Classroom

  • Everyone loves to sponsor little Haitian girls with a big smile, bright eyes and little braids. Older students, especially the boys, are more difficult to sponsor. These boys are waiting for a sponsor so they can continue attending school. We admire their perseverance and determination to continue learning even through hardship.


Enjoy some recent school photos from the first week of school!





Bible Studies:

Young women’s Bible studies have also started up again for the fall.  The women are diving deeper into God’s Word and studying the book of Ruth.

These young women are coming to learn that they have purpose in the Kingdom and that they are loved even in their brokenness…especially in their brokenness. Many of these young women have grown up believing that God does not love them when they sin. Please pray for this study of Ruth to help them see God more clearly and draw them closer to Him.

We are also excited that these new studies on Ruth are printed in English and Creole and were printed IN Haiti!

Pictured: Study of Ruth