September marks an exciting time of year in Haiti – BACK TO SCHOOL! Unfortunately, the excitement this year has been dampened by several struggles the country is facing. Fuel shortages are causing major difficulty for teachers and students to get to school and soaring inflation has made it hard for families to afford their everyday necessities, including school uniforms and supplies. This has delayed the start of most schools, including the World Wide Village schools in Williamson and Luly. 

Thankfully there is a silver lining. This school delay has allowed for more time to provide uniforms for the most vulnerable children. Just last week you gave so generously to provide uniforms for those kids most in need in the World Wide Village schools. These kids will now be able to attend school once the doors are open!  There is still time to give toward uniforms if you missed the fundraiser!  

The delay has also given us additional time to outfit our new kitchen where we will centralize the cooking of school lunches for nearly 1,100 students and staff. A new central kitchen will allow WWV to purchase and prepare food in bulk to help save money and allow for more nutritious food selections for children who might not eat daily at home. The centralized kitchen will also allow World Wide Village to explore the option of expanding the lunch program to include summer meals and meals for the elderly.

More School Updates:


  • Armee du Salut is starting its third year with the World Wide Village Student Sponsorship Program. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, the school was able to expand to offer 10th grade this year and plans to add an additional grade each year until there is a full high school. Awesome!
  • The summer tutoring program through WWV was again offered to children who were either behind in school or never had the opportunity to begin school. Many students took advantage of this opportunity to catch up over the summer months.

As we continue to work together, we have faith that Haiti will overcome the fuel shortages and soaring inflation and we will soon see many children in their neatly pressed uniforms and backpacks in tow, heading to school. So much progress has been made in increasing access to education in rural Williamson and Luly over the last 10 years. So many of the children in the World Wide Village schools would not have had the opportunity to attend school without your generosity. Someday there will be “no boundaries in education” for the children of Haiti!  You are making a difference everyday. Thank you!   


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