Pictured: Sonia Blanchard sitting in her new beauty salon

We are so proud of  Sonia and Carline – two World Wide Village translators – who dreamed of opening a beauty salon in Saintard, Haiti (just down the road from Williamson). Sonia and Carline have both loved dabbling with beauty products and hair care for years, but only recently realized that in working together, there really was an opportunity to do more with their passions.

Pictured: WWV translators – Carline (far left); Sonia (third from left)

Having translated for World Wide Village for years, they had already proven to be trustworthy.  They had also done their research and knew exactly what supplies they needed to get their small beauty business off the ground, so when they spoke with WWV leaders about this opportunity, it was pretty much a no-brainer.  At their salon they will be styling hair, offering manicures and furnishing a small boutique with clothing, shoes and jewelry.  

Please pray for these two ladies as they venture into the business world.  In a poverty stricken country like Haiti, it’s not easy to start up a profitable beauty salon, but with the support of World Wide Village they are hopeful that it will take off and be a sustainable business for years to come!  

Over the next several months we will be highlighting more stories like this.  We want you to know that your support of World Wide Village is creating life-changing economic development and sustainability in Haiti. Your gifts not only make a difference on a community level – schools, medical center, etc… –  but also on an individual level.  Walking alongside our Haitian friends in need to assist them in using their skills and passions to create jobs and support their families is at the heart of World Wide Village.