Imagine the joy of a child who has been waiting and praying for a sponsor, walking into a room filled with photographs of potential sponsors and being empowered to choose their very own! This spring, you have a wonderful opportunity to help World Wide Village make this a reality!

Many children in Williamson & Luly, Haiti have already been blessed with an education thanks to being chosen by a sponsor. Yet there are still many children who have been waiting for a sponsor for years – skipped over time and time again. You can REWRITE THE STORY for these children by helping spread the word!

Do you attend a local church, belong to a book club or attend another group that might be interested in hearing more about this wonderful new sponsorship opportunity? E-mail Kim Anderson at and we can help answer your questions and get you started in spreading the word!

With your help, many children who have been skipped over for sponsorship will have the chance to choose their very own sponsor on May 18th!