Student Sponsorships

Student Sponsorships


When you sponsor a child, you provide help for today, hope for tomorrow and faith for eternity

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The need for education in Haiti is staggering, as nearly half of all school-age children do not have the opportunity to attend school. This lack of education has contributed to the ongoing cycle of poverty that has plagued Haiti for decades.

For only $32 per month you can invest in the future of Haiti by providing a child the opportunity to attend a Christ-centered school. Your donation will be used alongside other sponsors to provide teachers’ salaries, nutritional hot lunches, basic school supplies, and health check-ups. With your partnership, World Wide Village can continue to provide education to the nearly 1,000 students enrolled in our schools and help alleviate the cycle of poverty in Haiti.

Sponsoring a child is a powerful way you can fight poverty and share the love of Jesus Christ.


Sponsor a Student Today

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does sponsorship work?

  • Choose a child online to sponsor for an ongoing commitment of $32 per month. You are the only sponsor for this child.
  • Your child will attend one of the WWV schools in either Williamson or Luly, Haiti.
  • WWV will send you periodic updates and photos of your student throughout the year.

Does the money go directly to my sponsored child?

No. Your donation of $32 per month is used alongside other sponsors to provide for teachers’ salaries, hot school lunches, basic school supplies, training for teachers and maintenance of the school facilities. This enables your sponsored child to attend school without the burden of paying tuition. A recent study by The World Bank showed just how important sponsorship programs can be for families in Haiti.

Is the student’s family responsible for any costs?

Yes. Families are responsible for providing a school uniform and books for their child. World Wide Village occasionally covers this cost for families most in need. If you would like to cover the additional cost of a uniform and books for your sponsored student or another student in need, please consider donating an additional annual gift of $50 to help provide a uniform and books.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

Yes! While regular correspondence between the United States and Haiti is sometimes difficult, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to be an encouragement to your student. If you wish to communicate with your child, you may send letters or small gifts (valued at $20 or less which fit in a large padded envelope) to the following address: World Wide Village, c/o Pat Mortensen, 3810 Murrell Road #303, Melbourne, Florida 32955.

Can I meet my sponsored child?

Yes! There is nothing more exciting that watching one of our sponsored students in Haiti meet their sponsor face-to-face! Read more on coming to Haiti to visit your sponsored student on a short-term mission trip.

What else do I need to know? 

Enjoy this comprehensive look at everything you need to know about sponsorship and World Wide Village: 15 Resources Every Sponsor Needs to Know

Does Student Sponsorship make a difference?

Most definitely. Enjoy just one story of education making a difference in the life of a child.

“When I first met Roselina & Anchilove last October we were walking up the mountain to City on a Hill. They were wearing oversized, men’s button-up shirts. They were dirty and they didn’t have any shoes on and they were getting thorns stuck in their feet. They looked so sad and didn’t smile at all. I later learned that they had just been sponsored by a team from Minnesota. A few weeks later I saw a picture of them posted on the WWV Facebook page. They had just received their school uniforms and they were so excited to go to school. They were smiling in the picture and looked so happy. I saw them again in March when I went back to Williamson and they had just gotten out of school for the day. They were clean and they ran right up to me and remembered me and best of all they had smiles a mile wide. It was amazing to see the transformation in these girls in less than 6 months.”                      – Molly Jones