While schools are closed all throughout Haiti, and many teachers are going without pay, the World Wide Village teachers can still count on a steady paycheck. The teachers at the World Wide Village schools want to express their thanks for your support. Two of our teachers recently sent videos to share with you to show their thanks. Enjoy!  

Joseph “Ernst” Florence lives with his wife and 18-month old son and is the director of the World Wide Village school in Williamson, Haiti. The last six months have been very difficult in Haiti. Political protesting and roadblocks shut down schools in Haiti last fall. Now COVID-19 has shut down the schools once more. Working for World Wide Village and continuing to receive a salary during this difficult time is “such a blessing, because as a teacher, this is what we live by.”


“I really want to thank WWV for the support that you give all the teachers, especially during this difficult time. I’m praying right now especially for the United States and the world in general. [COVID-19] is a worldwide disease. We will pray that God will continue to help you, and fight against this virus, and that God will protect each and every person involved with World Wide Village. I have faith that you will always think about us and pray for us, too.”

Sainplainise teaches preschool at the World Wide Village school in Williamson, Haiti. Sainplainise and her husband depend on her teaching salary to help provide for their two young children and her younger brother. Even though school is not in session due to COVID-19, your generosity is providing an income for this wonderful family as World Wide Village continues to pay teachers’ salaries.


Sainplainise says, “Thank you, World Wide Village, for everything you’ve done for me and everything you’re continuing to do for me. What we’re receiving now from World Wide Village comes at just the right time. It helps me a lot because there are others [in Haiti] who have nothing at all, and it is very hard for them. Thank you very much. May God bless everyone who is helping. May God protect you and provide more for you so you may continue to help others.”


Meet just a few of the WWV teachers!