Pictured: Ellianne and her children receiving goats


When your family is in danger, you will do anything to protect them, even if you have to start over. This is exactly what Jean & Ellianne Acelus did when they felt unsafe in their home last year. 

Just over a year ago, Jean & Ellianne moved to the hills above Williamson. When they decided to move, they had to leave everything behind that they had worked so hard to build. They left a home and land to farm. Yet moving to Williamson promised a safer community to raise their children and it was worth starting over.

Both Jean & Ellianne are hard-working farmers, but starting over has not been easy. Their children range in age from eight to twenty-four and they’re about to become grandparents for the first time. The little income they bring in from farming doesn’t stretch far enough when extra expenses arise like a new baby in the family.


Thanks to you, Jean & Ellianne recently received the gift of goats!


The pregnant goats they received will multiply quickly, and overtime will add an extra source of income for this large family. Thank you for blessing the Acelus family with the opportunity at a thriving new life in Williamson!




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