Evangecube2   Evangecube

The mission of WWV is “to equip and support families and local churches of Haiti by creating sustainable communities through education, healthcare, housing, and agriculture while sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.” One of the tools our teams have used to share the gospel across cultural and language barriers is the Evangecube – a great tool for illustrating the gospel.

The Evangecube is similar to a Rubix Cube but opens and changes pictures to illustrate the gospel in a clear way. The images on the Evangecube first show God’s holiness and how man is separated from God because of our sin. It then illustrates how Jesus was crucified, died and buried as the sacrifice for our sins, but then rose again conquering death and sin. It shows how Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” and that, “no one comes to the Father except through me” with a beautiful cross illustration as a bridge to heaven. It then illustrates how we all have a choice to make – choose to accept the sacrifice of Jesus, follow Him and spend eternity with God… or choose to not accept the free gift of Jesus and spend eternity separated from God.

Joyfully, many Haitians have seen the images on the Evangecube, have heard the gospel and have decided to put their faith and trust in Christ. What an honor to be able to share the truth of the gospel with the nations!  Our fellow Haitian believers have also enjoyed using the Evangecube to share the gospel with their own friends and family.  How thankful we are for tools like the Evangecube that assist us in sharing this truth, and how grateful we are for our supporters and mission team members who make this possible!

10310530_10152708401879675_1930536577370147565_n   DSC03660   Evangecube