Ten World Wide Village sponsored students continue in university despite the tremendous struggles in Haiti. These bright minds are studying engineering, nursing, administrative sciences and more.


Today, less than 8% of students in Haiti will earn a university degree. Student sponsorship is breaking down barriers for students in rural areas of Haiti to attend classes and be given the opportunity to succeed. Our university students receive scholarship assistance with tuition, supplies and books, laptops, transportation fees, and more. It is a large investment but so important for the future of Haiti.


This month, meet our first year students!


Growing up, Ostalin Montilus loved spending time with World Wide Village teams. He helped paint houses, dig gardens, and so much more. He especially loved learning from our construction teams, so much so that it inspired his future career!


Today, Ostalin is attending Centre Moderne de Formation Professionnelle and studying construction. Someday he may be leading his own construction crew!



Jules-Anderson Henry has been a part of our school and sponsorship program since he was 10 years old. Now 10 years later, it’s been a joy to watch him grow up and be successful in school. Jules-Anderson even received the highest score in his high school on the national exam last year!


Sadly, Jules and his family were forced to flee their home last fall when gangs came into Williamson. He had just finished high school and was hoping to start university. His family ended up resettling about 30 minutes north of Williamson with relatives.


Jules-Anderson has persevered through a difficult year. His family is now in a more stable situation and he’s excited to get started at university this month. We pray that his studies in administrative sciences will help him become a strong leader in Haiti.



Wideline Pericles grew up in a family that struggled with poverty for a very long time. Many of her family members never attended school, and she was the first in her family to graduate high school.


Wideline has always dreamed of becoming a nurse. She is now one step closer to that goal and attending UNASMOH University in Saint-Marc, Haiti. Her family made a great sacrifice to move near her university so she would not be forced to travel on gang-ridden roads to reach her classes. It has not been easy but she is persevering!